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Newbie zap help - Mailchimp and Act

  • 22 April 2020
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I am a newbie so hoping for some help to understand if I am on the right track or my thinking is a little off.

So I have just switched our email marketing from Constant Contact to a free Mailchimp plan. Right now I have 2 subscribers in my one audience, as I am in the process of adding my known unsubscribers and then my client contacts and then my prospect (opted in) data. So perhaps I need more contacts added to properly test the zaps and that’s my issue, but having just got Act Connect set up I wanted to see if it would do what I wanted!

I’m trying to add a Zap to say when a Mailchimp subscriber unsubscribes, it updates the custom ‘Email opt out’ tick field to TRUE.

So I know the trigger is ‘New unsubscriber in Mailchimp’ but then do I need an action to ‘find or create contact’ or is it just ‘update contact’?  When I say ‘update contact’, a required field is the contact I want it to update but shouldn’t it be dynamic? How do I tell it what to match against (which should be the ‘Email’ field) - is that in ‘Find or update a contact’ first and then ‘Update contact’?

Thanks for your help!


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Hi @clares28! It sounds like you’ve almost figured this one out yourself - but I’m happy to get you over the finish line here 🙂


You’re right that you need the Find or Create Contact first, and then the update contact step. So the Zap would look like this:

  1. MailChimp - New Unsubscriber
  2. Act! - Find or Create Contact
  3. Act! - Update Contact


In the Update Contact step, you’ll see the ‘Contact’ field. In that field, add the ID of the contact that was found in the middle step - you need to use the Contact ID and not the name/email - that will mean that each time the Zap runs, it will dynamically use the contact that was found in the second step. 


I hope that’s clear, but if you need any more help, don’t hesitate to ask!

Hi Danvers,

Thank you for your help!  So I did this as you suggested and right now it is not finding a contact - I used my own employee record in Act to match, and I am in Mailchimp too in the audience I selected. Did it not verify as I am not an unsubscriber perhaps? I am going to load records into Mailchimp today and retest it, in case.


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Hi @clares28!

Do you mean that  the Zap wasn’t finding a contact in the MailChimp trigger step? Or in one of the other steps? If it was the trigger step, then yes it’s likely that it didn’t find you because you would need to unsubscribe from the list for the Zap to find you. 

If your email address was in the Find or Create contact step, then it should have found you Act.


Let us know if you had any problems when you re-tested it!