New Pin in Pinterest doesn't trigger

  • 12 July 2021
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Hi, I wanted to create a Zapier which will be triggered by creating a new pin in a Pinterest board. I’ve set the board to public, but I found that if I create the pin inside a section in that board, then the pin is not even registered by Zapier when creating and testing triggers. It’s only registered if I create a pin without pinning it inside any sections.


Is there any way, maybe through using custom connectors, webhooks, etc where I can get Zapier to trigger when creating pins inside a board section?


In addition, I noticed that when creating the action (create new Google Sheets row), the Section data like section name, etc aren’t available either. Only board details are available.


Has anyone faced any similar issues, or could suggest a workaround?

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9 replies

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Hi @Jarvis 

You’d have to look into the Pinterest API:

App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Webhooks app:




Hello Troy Tessalone I added new Pin as a trigger, and webhook as an action. A bit stumped here, because I can’t find the Board section details


What do I do next? Or am I doing this all wrong?

Bumping this thread for any tips

@Troy Tessalone 

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Did you try searching for the Board ID?

Board Name is a returned data point from the Zap trigger.


Hi @Troy Tessalone . Yep I tried the Board ID. Unforfunately, I’m looking not just for the Board ID, but for the Section ID as well. The board acts like a folder, and the sections as subfolders. Most of my pins are inside the subfolders, and Zapier doesn’t detect any pins being pinned inside these subfolders.

Also as you may have noticed, there’s no data point for these subfolders (Sections) in the Zap trigger either.


I’m beginning to think there’s no workaround for this now. This means that I’ll have to turn all my sections into boards, which will be a nightmare. I have 15 boards, with 10 subfolders (sections) in each, and the pins are inside these subfolders. If I convert all these subfolders into boards, I’ll have 150 boards in total, which will be super unmanageable

I don’t think Zapier is going to fix this anytime soon. I actually noticed this problem back in 2018. If it hasn’t been fixed now, it won’t be anytime soon either. My best bet would be to rely on another automation service :(


Unfortunately, looks like Pinterest is available only on Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate, where the integration is even poorer.

If there were any way to ‘read’ the outgoing signal directly from Pinterest, maybe then I could find the Section ID in there. E.g. if Pinterest had outgoing webhooks for their triggers and I could manually map values from that in Zapier, then it would be perfect.


Very very slim chance, but do you think this is possible in Zapier @Troy Tessalone ?

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FYI: Most Zap app integrations are created and maintained by the app developer, rather than Zapier, altho unsure who owns the Pinterest Zap app integration.

Got it. I initially though I had found a workaround for this issue: I can see the URL as a datapoint in the Pinterest trigger, which is set as follows:

I figured that if I could get Zapier to detect a new pin inside a section, I can copy the URL and then using a formula automatically separate the section name. But unfortunately, Zapier doesn’t detect pins inside sections at all. And the board URL I get when I pin something to a board is only like this:

@Troy Tessalone