Names from a Google Sheet and adding a Google Contact Label to them

I want to make a Zap where it will take the names (First and Last) from a Google Sheet (or another database free app) I own and auto add a Google Contact Label to the names in my Google Contacts. If I remove the name from the Google Sheet (or another database) it will auto remove the label.  Basically I want to add a label to a group of people of my choosing (in a database) and that group can change at any given time based on who is in the database.

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Hi @JoshS7923 

Can you please clarify your question?


FYI: There is no GSheet Zap trigger for deleted row data:



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Hi @JoshS7923 - 

I’d like to ensure I am understanding this correctly:

You’d like to trigger off of new or updated rows in Google Sheets, and have it update contacts in Google Contacts, correct? 

If yes, I would look into using the New or Updated Spreadsheet Row trigger and Find or Create Contact action as my first steps. You may need an additional step to complete removing a tag if the step simply ‘finds’ a contact, though I am not 100% sure and as Troy mentioned there is no set trigger for removed row data only updated row data. In order for the fields to map over; the columns must be labeled First Name, Last Name, and ideally something indicating the tag, from there, once the tag is removed, this should update from the Updated Spreadsheet Row trigger

Basically I have a list of people in a Google Sheet I want to auto add a Google Contact Label to them, but once as I remove them from the Google Sheet I would like the Label to be gone too.  So like if Joe Somebody was in my Sheet, the zap would see his name and then automatically add a label his email (  After I remove Joe Somebody from the sheet the label will be gone too


Hopefully that is more understandable


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FYI: There is no Google Contacts Zap action to remove Contact from Group (aka Label).