Lead distribution to sales team but skipping one member for every 2 leads

  • 9 November 2020
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So I have set up a round robin lead distribution for my sales team. I have a Google sheet where all my leads go to with all their info (email, phone number, etc). At the end of the row on the Google sheet is the column “Sales” where the name of the sales rep who the lead was assigned to will be shown.

However, some team regrouping happened and the allocation of leads also changed. We have 4 members in the sales team. Out of the 100% leads that we have, Sales rep A,B,C will get 29% of the leads each, and Sales rep D will only get 12.5%


Lead 1 - Sales A

Lead 2 - Sales B

Lead 3 - Sales C

Lead 4 - Sales D

Lead 5 - Sales A

Lead 6 - Sales B

Lead 7 - Sales C

Lead 8 - Sales A

A..B..C..D → A..B..C..B → A..B..C..D → A..B..C..C

How do I make that “round robin” possible?


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3 replies

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Hi @angel.arturin ,

I don’t think this is some “simple” workflow. Every time there is a lead, assignment and sales person you need to re-calculate the percentage. 

You can do something like this maybe:

  • New lead
  • Retrieve amount of leads assigned to every sales person
  • Calculate percentage and max percentage allowed for person
  • Assign the lead based on the calculation

This possibly requires some coding as well to make calculations etc.
What do you currently have in your Zap workflow?


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That is interesting and I will try to see if that works out. Currently, I use increment value.

  • New lead comes in
  • Increment Value (Storage) - key: “SalesTeam”
  • Numbers: spreadsheet type formula - (Mod, “SalesTeam”, 4)
  • Utilities: Pick from List: ** names of sales reps**
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Hey @angel.arturin - Did you ever get your Zap to work? If so, let us know!