Intercom tag added to company?

  • 22 September 2021
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This is more a feature request but maybe someone knows a work around

i’m working on a Intercom serie that triggers on certain COMPANY tags and sends a mail based on a a few rules.

I'm aware that theres a webhook feature there but we don't have access to it. So that's where I run into the issue that there isnt a tag added to company trigger.

I want to create a Zap that sends a simple slack message and if needed it’s moves the associated asana project task  with it.

Does anyone know a work around where I still can run the zap after a tag is added to an company.

I rather not add the tag with a zap, although it's an easy solution

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2 replies

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Hi @Jeff Thorns 

You can submit feature requests via Zapier Support:

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Hi @Jeff Thorns 

You can submit feature requests via Zapier Support:

I already did request the api feature with intercom directly since it isn't a webhook topic in the api


Like i said I'm looking for maybe a workaround,