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  • 25 July 2020
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i am integrating with easywebinar through zapier. i want to get data from item in a board) and Register Attendee in EasyWebinar. but the problem is when i get data from it will not give all records which i want. i want Email, Firstname, Lastname .. many records of that group from
so, can anyone help me, why all records are not getting in zapier?

i have shared tow images,1st is for response in Zapier and 2nd is for which records i want from



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4 replies

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I’m not too familiar with but normally when I can’t get all the info I need from an app in Zapier a webhook would do the trick. 

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How about you use a search action right after the trigger, It will help you receive all valid data

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Thanks for your reply.

i have some images with step wise for better understanding.

1. i have created a Zap for New item in board in

2. i have selected option for New item in Board.

3. i have choose a board of my details(which i want to fetch) in

4. i have get details of that board(but not get all details which i want).

5. after that i have integrate this zap to another app(Easy webinar).

6. Register attendee registration

7. when i have choose value for Email field in Easy webinar, i didn't get exact email field value from 1st app.

8. i exactly want all details of user which was created in board(like in last image 6th.png)

Please check attached images.


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Hi @Brad, were you able to find a way to get this Zap working the way that you need?