I'm trying to send an SMS using an email with the recipient's phone number in the subject.

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I am trying to send a SMS message using an email with the recipients phone number in the subject. Once received by ZAP (which one?) the SMS, contained in the body of the email will be sent by ClickSend. Open to other services, but also need to monitor replies. Thanks! Bill

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Hi @MistyMtn 

If your email subject line will contain only one phone number and nothing else, it should be easy, just create an email trigger (using gmail, outlook) and then create the clicksend SMS trigger.

If your email subject contains more than 1 phone numbers, you will need to use formatter>utilities>split after the trigger and send the output as line items. Then use loop by zapier to send one phone at once, then use Clicksend Send SMS to send the SMS with one number at a time and email body as SMS text.

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Hi @MistyMtn,

Addition to answer from @robschmidt, you can follow this flowchart so that it can easier for you to visualize.


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Greatly appreciate your replies! What if I am not using Gmail or any other typical email system? You see the email, which uses my domain name is sent from our reservation system. I can place the phone number in the subject line (just one number) and the body has all the info for the SMS. Does that change anything? 


Here is a Loom I just recorded -

Again, thank you! Bill

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Hi @MistyMtn,

I looked at the loom video, and you mentioned that you want to pull the phone number out of the subject line and the body will be the message.

If that’s the case, have you looked into Email Parser as your trigger step? Email Parser is a tool that allows you to extract specific data from incoming emails and use that data to automate actions in other applications through Zapier.

You can read more about the Email Parser on this Community post:

Hopefully, this points you to the right direction! 😊