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I am trying to figure out how quickly I will run up my number of tasks with a GoToWebinar to Google Analytics integration.

  • 24 September 2020
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I viewed this help doc:


And am still confused as to how many tasks I need to give my team if we use this service. I see that this action is available:


Run Report

Runs a report and returns the analytics data.


I am curious if this one action counts for one task? When it says “returns the analytics data”, what data points from GoToWebinar are actually returned? if it’s more than one data point, is that equal to more than one task? or is the whole data dashboard returned and then that’s only counted as one task?




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How tasks are counted


The following count as tasks when your Zap runs:

The following do not count as tasks:

  • Trigger steps.
  • Filter steps that do not pass.
  • Any step that errors.
  • Any path group that did not run because the path's rules were not met.
  • Any step that does not run, either because a previous filter didn't pass or because the Zap errored.

Are you saying the answer to my question is that the “Run Report” action would be equal to one task count?

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1 Successful Action Step is equal to 1 Task.