How to stop sending data to Google Sheet cell

  • 10 December 2021
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Hello, we have a Zap that’s sending updated WooCommerce order data to a Google Spreadsheet. It all works fine, except that we have three columns within the Google Sheet we don’t want to have populated. Unfortunately, Zappier is sending some data to those columns and appropriate cells, breaking a formula we have there. Is there a setting/solution that allows us to send only the data to which we have populated or mapped, or some setting that doesn’t update those columns?

In a nutshell, we don’t want columns P, V, W populated, as those serve only for our local, Google Sheet calculations. Thus, we can’t have any data sent out to those cells or we need the formula attached to those sent over someway. Hope this clears it up.


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2 replies

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Hey @Vanja K. ,


Can you post the screenshot of Google Sheet action in your Zap? Also, Can you also post a screenshot of your Google Spreadsheet?



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@Vanja K. 

Check your Zap mappings to make sure there are no data points mapped to those column.

NOTE: When Zaps add new rows, it actually inserts a new row in the GSheet, instead of simply populating an existing blank row.

For example, if your GSheet has 100 rows and the Zap adds a new row, then it will now have 101 rows.

This is known to break certain preset formula in the GSheet cells.

Check the help articles for GSheets: