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how to setup round robin that will send both email and phone to a lead, then on to the next

  • 9 December 2020
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Have leads setup to go round robin  - email and then setting up twilio to text that lead.  


However, if the round robin is setup to email and no phone is placed in at that time, what would be the easiest way to either


  1. add phone into the round robin zap
  2. perform a match of the email selected to send lead to, match in a google sheet to it’s corresponding phone number and THEN send twilio text of lead.  (whew)  

is there an easier way I am missing.


The goal.  Lead comes in => 5 people in round robin => email agent in line => text agent in line (same agent)


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The logic doing the round robin should be used to determine the Agent’s email and phone number at the same time.


Probably more robust to do a GSheets Lookup Row action in the Zap to find the Agent’s phone number to send the Lead to.

Could use Paths in the Zap.

Path A: Phone Number exists

Path B: Phone Number does NOT existing

I guess I am having a major brain cramp when it comes to this google lookup.  I have agent name, email phone on ONE tab but only email lead is going to on another tab.


So essentially I really need a google lookup and match option.  Lookup email lead was sent to, match email sent to with phone number and email ON ANOTHER GOOGLE Tab inside that spreadsheet and use that phone number to send sms to.


Does this make sense.  can simple  google lookup do that? I just can’t seem to get that to work

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Probably best to create an Agent Lookup Table in GSheets on a separate tab that has this info:

Agent Name | Agent Email | Agent Phone

The the GSheet Lookup Row action in the Zap can be used to find the Agent by Name or Email or Phone and return the 2 other data points to be used in the Zap.

Thank you I think I figured it out by doing that, thank you