How to integrate tasks to Trello with attachments and checklists?

  • 1 October 2023
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Anybody knows how to make tasks integraded from to trello iclude attachments and chechlist?



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5 replies

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Hi there @hemichaeli,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I did some digging into this, and it seems like the triggers doesn’t support fetching attachments on a task. I’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team to create a feature request on your behalf.

You can reach our Support Team here and tag your query as “Report a bug or request a feature”

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Hopefully, this helps.


Thank you very much for digging into this for me.

Just to make sure I understand. I need to request it from your support and not from anydo’s.

same goes for fetching checklist from anydo to trello? 

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Yes, that’s correct @hemichaeli. Ken was referring to reaching out to the Zapier support team. We have a shared issue-tracking tool that the Zapier support team can create a new feature request in that the app's developers have access to. Though it never hurts to reach out to the app’s developers ( as well to flag your interest in being able to access file attachments and checklists! 🙂

That said, it looks like there’s currently two different app integrations available for - Personal and Workspace. Not sure which version you’re using but thought I’d mention that the Workspace app has a File Attachment Added to Workspace Task trigger available that seems like it may give you access to the file attachments at least.

Would that trigger be viable option for you to use here or are you using the personal app?


Thank you very much for your response.

Yes. I do have access to the Workspace.

I see that it solves the file attachment but not to the checklists.

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Hi there @hemichaeli,

I appreciate the update here.

I'd recommend reaching out to our Support Team. They can help create a feature request for you.

Additionally, considering manages and updates their integration, it might be beneficial to also inform them about your desired feature.

I hope this steers you in the right direction! 😊