How to get two Zaps to store lead information in one same spreadsheet row using Zapier?

  • 13 August 2023
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Hi, i need help. I am running a lead generation bot and i do it with 2 zaps, each to capture a different part of each lead (first name, last name). And i have been having this problem that i cant get the 2 zaps to put the result of the lead into one same spreadsheet row. Ex. this image

All in all, i want both of the zaps to store the information they get on one same spreadsheet row. In this case its in 2 rows, this is what i dont want. If anyone that thinks that they may have the answer but dont fully understand the question or think that i didnt make myself clear, please comment that. Thank You.

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3 replies

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Hi @emi52 

Good question.

There needs to be common unique data point added by the first Zap that the second Zap can use to find/update.

@Troy Tessalone Oh okay, how can i do that?

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We would need to see the DATA OUT from both Zap steps.