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How to Connect Stripe to Wave

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The Zapier Academy has an excellent, simple YouTube on how to connect PayPal to Wave, which I did successfully. Now I’m trying to connect Stripe to Wave, but there isn’t a clear example of how to. I thought I could follow the PayPal tutorial, but when the Date dropdown opens, there’s nothing that looks like it could work. 

Subsequently, I tried the other dropdowns and they are identical. I’ve searched the community and I’m not seeing a clear explanation. I must be missing something. Any suggestions?

“Record Sale in Wave when new payment in Stripe” does come up as an option, but when I click on it, it won’t stay in the field, it only allows me to choose one of the options with a box around it.








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Hey there, @theZoe! Thanks for reaching out in community! Glad to hear you were able to use some of the resources in Zapier Academy. 🎉

Hmm, does the “Created Formatted” field capture the date the payment was received? 🤔 It looks like that may be the only field that sends as a date.

That said, if Stripe is sending the date in a different way than Wave requires, it may take a Formatter step to get this to work. Here’s an article on how you could go about that:

So for this particular zap it might look like:

  1. “New Payment” trigger - Stripe
  2. Formatter - Date / Time > Format
  3. “Record Sale” action - Wave

Do you think that could work? Keep us posted! 🤗

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I’m a total newb using Zapier, so I really don’t know how it works. I’ll check into the feature you suggested. Thank you, @christina.d 

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My business name isn’t popping up in the Record Sale action and when I type it in, it won’t accept it. Nothing comes up in the drop down at all. I’m not sure if it’s a disconnect in Zapier or Wave, but it doesn’t make sense to me as I’ve created zaps using Wave with my business recently. Any suggestions?

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@theZoe Oh no! That’s not good. This sounds silly but, humor me, can you try hitting the ‘refresh’ button near the base of that Zap step? Sometimes we just have to jog our Zaps memory to get them back up to speed. If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend disconnecting your connection to Wave, and then reconnecting. That’s done the trick for me in the past! Let me know if you still need assistance, happy to come back around and troubleshoot some more!

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It’s a lot more complicated than that. I’ve been struggling for hours trying to figure it out.  The name is found, but the options to complete the date, description, and the like required fields are very confusing. I don’t understand how they are populated from Stripe, but there doesn’t seem to be a general option, just specific past client information.

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Hey @theZoe,

Before we dig deeper into this, have you resolved the business name part of the action set up? Also, what you want to do here is to match the data from the trigger step to the action step by mapping them to each fields.

Here's an example video showing what mapping fields generally looks like:

Here’s our help doc explaining a little bit on how to map fields to your action step:

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Ken, thanks for the videos. I did get the business name figured out. I think it was just a glitch. Logged out and in kind of thing.

“Mapping fields”, now I know what they’re called.

My problem is that the dynamic field option dropdowns are for past client details. I don’t know how to find or make fields that will trigger both old and new client details. I’m not seeing clear cut file names/fields.

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Hi @theZoe I’m back again! So what I believe you are seeing there is just a sample of what kind of information will be pulled when the Zap goes live. As far as triggering on old and new client details, are you meaning to pull retroactively with your Zap or do you mean if a returning client makes another purchase, their information will either be updated or untouched? 

Thanks for being a trooper on this and working along side us to get this resolved! Zapier can be a learning curve, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it certainly makes life easier. 

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I truly appreciate the help y’all are sending my way, Chanelle. 

I want to pull in both old and new client information. (Shame on me for waiting till the last minute to reconcile.). The Zapier Academy had the video that clearly explained which fields to click from the dropdown. I’m not seeing simple options like that for Stripe. Instead, there’s oodles of fields, none of which look like what I need, then again, I don’t know for sure what I need to be looking for. If there was a specific field name, I’d be set.

If a past client makes a future purchase, it would pull their new purchase in too. That’s the hope anyway.

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Hi @theZoe,

Thanks for letting us know!

To test, could you please try mapping the required fields first and see if the Zap will work as you hoped? I have created a sample GIF on how I would map the “Record Sale in Wave” action step on this sample Zap.

(view larger)

After mapping the required fields, I suggest publishing the Zap. Please give that a try and let us know how it goes!

Thanks! 😊

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I have a few different Zaps I need to make. The only successful one has been PayPal to Wave, however, you’ll see in the screenshot that I have two different Zaps for that. Apparently, in my confusion about which ones I needed to make, I found another tutorial on how to create the PP to W one while searching for Stripe to Wave and now I have a duplicate Zap. Being unsure if removing one would affect the validity, I just have them both till I know what I’m supposed to be doing.


In the process of searching for how to connect Stripe, I found an option with a hook and one without. I do not know which I should use. I do not understand hooks, so I figure if I can do it in less steps, that’s what I’d like to do use.


The second screenshot shows my available options from the Sale Date drop down when I type in “time”. That’s been the struggle, I have no clue which field is the one that I need to choose.




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 Heya the @theZoe! Thanks for that! It’s super help. Since we’ve got a few q’s I’m gonna try and go in chunks for clarity if that’s okay! 🤗’ll see in the screenshot that I have two different Zaps for that...unsure if removing one would affect the validity.

I’d recommend checking each zap to see the differences and which one is the one you’d like to keep. 🙂 You can also see the top zap “Stripe to Wave” is the most recent one as it looks like it was edited 1 day ago whereas the previous one is 4 days. It’s worth mentioning if both of these zaps are turned on and a new transaction comes through in Stripe, you may end up with duplicate records in Wave.

I want to pull in both old and new client information.

Zaps will only work for new information going forward - so only new Stripe transactions that occur after the zap has been turned on will be recorded in Wave. While setting up your zap the reason you’re seeing older stripe transactions is it will pull in recent transactions as samples in order to properly map the fields.

You may be able to use Transfer by Zapier for the old client data but that would be a different setup, separate from the zap you’re building now. 🙂

In the process of searching for how to connect Stripe, I found an option with a hook and one without.

If you typed Stripe into the editor you may see older versions of Stripe but you’ll want to be using the one labeled “Latest”.

You can connect to Stripe using Webhooks by Zapier however it’s considered an advanced approach so there’s usually less support with this route. 

...available options from the Sale Date drop down when I type in “time” clue which field is the one that I need to choose.

I believe you may want to be looking for date instead. The timestamp does come through in the “Created Formatted” field. If you need to map the timestamp in a later field and/or just want the date you’ll need to use Formatter step to split it off using Formatter > Text> Split Text. 

I know this was quite a bit so keep us us in the loop how this is working for you. 🙂

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@christina.d I’m grateful for your time. It turns out that I created a zap to Record a Sale from PayPal to Wave and one to Create a New Customer from PayPal to Wave, so different steps all together. I just needed to rename the one.


Sounds like gathering the old data is what I need to do then as I’m an excellent procrastinator and need last years information; which means I’ll be reading the link you sent about Transferring.


The Insert Data field; I’m very confused about. The timestamp isn’t as important as the date.  I typed “time” for that field hoping it would generate something that I could guess was the best option. Now I’m trying “date” and again, so many possible choices: invoice data created, invoice data amount due, invoice data charge, invoice data period start date, invoice data account name, invoice data customer name...oh, wait...Created Format. That’s the one, huh?  Omgoodness. That just completed some of the other fields for me. Yeah!!!

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After I published, it popped up asking if I wanted to Transfer. 


I anticipated it showing all the previous items that needed to transfer, but it only transferred 5. Hmmm I’ll have to dig some more. 


I’m super happy that I’ve created this connection for future clients at least.

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Awesome work @theZoe! I’m so glad the community could help you get up and running.


If you need any help with Transfer, feel free to ask a new question 😊

One quick pointer to get you started: if you want to move over all past customers and payments from Stripe to Wave, you may need to do a different Transfer for those:


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@Danvers thanks! I’m trying to figure Transfer out, but that information (especially the image) is very helpful. Apparently I spoke too soon about conquering the Zap. When I click on Reconciliation in Wave, the only dates it’s offering are March 16th-April 15th of last year.  Obviously, I missed a step to import. Back to the drawing board.



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Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that @theZoe - I just wanted to double check are you seeing this in the actual Wave app? Or in your zap?