How to Connect Stripe to Wave

  • 17 March 2023
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The Zapier Academy has an excellent, simple YouTube on how to connect PayPal to Wave, which I did successfully. Now I’m trying to connect Stripe to Wave, but there isn’t a clear example of how to. I thought I could follow the PayPal tutorial, but when the Date dropdown opens, there’s nothing that looks like it could work. 

Subsequently, I tried the other dropdowns and they are identical. I’ve searched the community and I’m not seeing a clear explanation. I must be missing something. Any suggestions?

“Record Sale in Wave when new payment in Stripe” does come up as an option, but when I click on it, it won’t stay in the field, it only allows me to choose one of the options with a box around it.







1 reply

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Hey there, @theZoe! Thanks for reaching out in community! Glad to hear you were able to use some of the resources in Zapier Academy. 🎉

Hmm, does the “Created Formatted” field capture the date the payment was received? 🤔 It looks like that may be the only field that sends as a date.

That said, if Stripe is sending the date in a different way than Wave requires, it may take a Formatter step to get this to work. Here’s an article on how you could go about that:

So for this particular zap it might look like:

  1. “New Payment” trigger - Stripe
  2. Formatter - Date / Time > Format
  3. “Record Sale” action - Wave

Do you think that could work? Keep us posted! 🤗