How do I pull the ProductCode from Stripe and apply it to the invoice in Xero?

  • 11 September 2023
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For creation of an Invoice in Xero following a Stripe CheckOut Success lots of data is transferred. 

I have 6 products set up in Stripe, mirrored in Xero.  Each product has its own ProductCode. Metadata in Stripe also set up.

I want to use a single Zap for ‘Create Invoice in Xero’.

How do I get Zapier to pull the ProductCode from Stripe, apply it to the Invoice (and thereby have the Invoice contain the correct price and account etc). 

Do I have to use LookUp Tables or is there a much simpler way?


Kindest thanks, JD

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Good question.

To help us have more context, please post detailed screenshots with the data returned from the Stripe Zap trigger that you are trying to use and the related Xero action step fields you are trying to use.

Outlining a specific example is helpful.