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How do I modify/update Google Workspace Admin user info with Zapier?

  • 16 August 2023
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He utilizado el trigger de zapier + app google workspace admin, sin éxito. Deseo modificar (actualizar) información de un usuario del dominio (telefono, cargo y correo secundario), pero las opciones que se presentan para esta app (google admin) no indican tal modificación (sólo modifican, eliminan, entre otros)¿alguna idea o alguien ha logrado esto?


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9 replies

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Update user data in Google Workspace (domain level)


I have used the zapier trigger + google workspace admin app, without success. I want to modify (update) information of a domain user (telephone, position and secondary mail), but the options that are presented for this app (google admin) do not indicate such modification (they only modify, delete, among others) do you have any ideas or Has anyone achieved this?


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Which Google app are you using @nmanma? Can you find it listed here and then send a link to it?

I use Kissflow (actually it can be any tool), the problem is that when I connect it with "google workspace admin", the option to edit an existing user doesn't appear. There is only to create a new user.

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@nmanma ,

Hm, Can you share a screenshot? I’m asking which _Google_ app you’re using. We don’t have an app called “Google Workspace Admin”

@shalgrim I was coming for a similar issue. I’m confused by this comment

We don’t have an app called “Google Workspace Admin”   


On our end, we too want to use automation with create/update users in Google Workspace

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Oh geez, I’m sorry. We do have that app. I was searching in the wrong place.

Okay, in that case…

I have gone ahead and logged a request for a new action (Update User) on our internal wishlist and logged your email as a vote for that feature. I don't have an ETA on when that might happen, we get so many feature requests every day, but we do use these lists when we're working on app updates.

As we have your email logged as a vote there, we will be sure to drop you an email to let you know as soon as we get any news on that front.

In the meantime, I see that Google Workspace Admin does have the “API Request (Beta)” action, so, in combination with the “Find User by Email” search you may be able to get it to work that way. This API documentation might help.

Excellent, the option has already been implemented. I have tested it and it works perfect. It would only be necessary to be able to update the photo of the contact, as an improvement to the integration.

Thank you very much for your valuable help.

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Amazing! I’ve added the ability to update a user’s image/photo as a new feature request, too.

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Hey there friends! 👋

Just wanted to pop by with a quick update to let y’all know that the new version of the Google Workspace app now has an Update User action available: 

If you’ve not tested that Update User action in your Zaps yet please do give it a try! 😁🎉