How do I efficiently email applicants in batches using Zapier?

  • 7 September 2023
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If I wanted to I could get like 600 people in a day to fill out a application. Zap sends individual email to watch video and book a calendar event.


Problem is zap limits the monthly zaps and I do not want to pay tons of money to have unlimited zaps. Right now it is firing every time someone applies.


Is there a way to have Zapier trigger an event where 2 times a day it somehow compares a list of new applicants to old list and just takes those names and sends one email to all of them to "bcc". This would significantly reduce the amount of zaps


Someone who claims to be a pro said it wasn't possible but I believe it is.

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4 replies

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Hi @Tim Tac Toe 

Good question.

We would need to know which apps are involved. (names)

Also, to clarify, Zaps are different than Tasks.

Zaps are a trigger step and 1+ action steps.

Tasks are counted as successful action steps during a Zap Run.

Indeed. Indeed does not connect so I get notified every time someone applies via gmail. Currently I filter for items that contain specific subject. I use google sheets to update information and send a templated email through gmail.


Sorry for the interchanging zaps and tasks

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@Tim Tac Toe 

You’d have to further define the logic for the “new list” vs “old list”. (screenshots and examples are helpful)

It’s likely a Code step would have to be used to compare 2 data sets and deduplicate the records.

You might be able to use this Zap action: GSheets - Lookup Rows


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As Troy says, it kind of depends on what search/actions you need from the other apps, but certainly you could schedule something to run twice per day with Schedule by Zapier as the trigger and then Filter by Zapier as the second step