How do I auto-complete Google Tasks when completed in TickTick?

  • 21 September 2023
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Hi there, 

I’m brand new to Zapier, but have managed to set up a Zap whereby when my boss adds new tasks to Google Tasks assigned to me, they carry over to my TickTick inbox, including the name of the task, description, and due date. 

What I’d like to do is then have that task autocomplete in GTasks when I complete it in TickTick. I don’t know how to do that such that it’s the same tasks that was sent in the first place. Do I create a new Zap or modify the first one? How would you guys go about it? 

Any help would be amazing! 

All the best, 

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4 replies

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Hi @liam_oliver94 

Good question.

This would be a different Zap because the trigger and actions are different between the apps.


Hi @Troy Tessalone

Thanks for responding! 

Okay great, but how would I link it to the task specified in the other Zap? Apologies if this is basic stuff, I’m just totally brand new to this! 

Thanks for contributing! 

Apologies, I’ve seen the series of steps you’ve posted above - I’ll give those a go. 

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Hey @liam_oliver94! 👋

How did you get on with the trigger and actions Troy suggested? Were you able to get the Zap to update the correct task? 

Let us know if you need any help or have further questions on this at all!