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How do I add customers to Mailchimp tag after Wix course purchase?

  • 18 August 2023
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I want to add customers to a Mailchimp tag immediately after they purchase a specific course on my Wix website so I can keep them up to date on when the course modules go live. 

When I try to set up the Zap however, the test doesn’t seem to a find an e-mail which is required to complete the zap automation. 

Can anyone help? 


Best answer by veronicav 19 August 2023, 13:41

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7 replies

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Hi @veronicav 

Good question.

Can you please post screenshots to help us have context about how your Zap steps are configured?

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So far I created an automation on Wix 

Then I attempted to Set up the Zap in Zapier - it finds the automation from Wix but it doesn’t find the records of an e-mail 


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Is your Wix Automation rule configured to provide an email address?

It would be helpful to see screenshots with how your Wix Automation is configured to help us have enough context.

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This is how the initial automation has been set up on Wix, I’m not certain if it’s configured to capture an e-mail in this specific step 

But an e-mail is required on the payment page 


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Is this real data?

Have you tested the Wix Automation rule by making a real purchase?

After doing so, try refreshing the Zap trigger data to pull thru new examples.


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If you can’t get email address in the sample data but it does get sent through when the Zap runs live, you can make that work. Couple of good threads here:




Let us know if you have any more questions

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Thanks for the help so far! 


I’m still having trouble figuring it out, but I wanted to share a quick hack for anyone who might be struggling with the same thing.


I’ve been able to create zaps through Wix FORMS (instead of Wix PROGRAMS) and mailchimp without any trouble. So at the top of my payment page, I added a very simple form asking for their name, email and the course they’re signing up for which will then give them the tag in mailchimp I need to keep in touch with them about the course. 

It’s an extra step for the customer which isn’t super ideal, but I actually think it’s a pretty helpful work around so it doesn’t halt the launch of my course while I try to figure things out :)