Google Slides custom fields aren't working correctly

  • 16 June 2020
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When my google slide presentation is generated, the custom fields are not being populated correctly.

My Airtable formula populates it with a ‘.’ if the field is empty, however this is not happening as you can see in the attachment.

I know the Google Doc zap has the ‘remove’ feature, but that doesn’t work (instead it replaces the custom field with the word ‘remove’?) . The Google Slides zap doesn’t have this feature at all? This is why i am resorting to populating empty fields with a fullstop.

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3 replies

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Hi @josef!

Can you check something for me? In your Task History can you navigate to an entry for that Zap, then check the Data Out tab for the Airtable step to make sure that what you’ve mapped to Google Slides shows up there?

If it doesn’t, it may be missing altogether or show up under a section that says “Fields with no values” or something close to that. And on your Google Slides step, on the Data In tab you’ll probably see something like {{number-here__fields__name-of-your-field}}.

If you see something like that, then there’s something about that field in Airtable that’s not quite working as expected. Would you mind confirming that for me? Thanks!

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Hi @nicksimard 

The data is missing from Data Out tab in Airtable. However it was working when my google slides step was originally a Google Docs step.

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Hi @josef ,

Checking back in as I see you were working on Support on a possibly related issue! Are you still experiencing trouble with the Data Out tab in Airtable?

If so, could you share a screenshot of your configuration with us so that we might dig deeper?