Create Quickbooks sales receipt based on Square POS sale

Hi everyone, 

I use Square POS in my shop and I use Quickbooks for accounting.

I am trying to setup a zap that creates a Sales Receipt in Quickbooks for every sale that is processed in our store on the Square POS unit.

Does anybody have this zap working? Or something similar?
I am currently able to bring in the transaction amount but I am having trouble bringing in each product sold..​​​​​​

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@Danny Martinez 

You will need a Find Product(s) step prior to your create Sales Receipt step so that you can map the product ids from QBO and not the product names.

Your Zap would roughly follow this guideline

Trigger: New Transaction in Square

Step 2: Find Products in QBO 

Step 3: Create Sales Receipt


@GetUWired Thanks for the reply.

Zapier support have told me there’s no current option to import specific product data from Square transactions, so no way I can match them up with the QB products :(

I can’t think of any other workaround now..​​​​​​​

Is there some way that a Square webhook might have that product data in it?

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Ahhh…. I see so you are not getting the products/line items returned from the New Order Trigger with Square? 


Yep that’s right, apparently it’s not supported..

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Hi there! It looks like you may have been able to get this workflow sorted with support. I wanted to post their response here in case it’s useful to other members: 

... the New Transaction trigger not pulling in full line item information from the Square app. We have recently released an update to resolve this - going forward, you can instead use the New Order trigger, which pulls in full line item data including product IDs and names from Square.

I hope this helps! 

nope we couldn’t get it working so we gave up.

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Hey @Danny Martinez!

I’m sorry the New Order trigger isn’t working for the transactions processed through Square POS. Would it be possible for the transactions to be automatically added as orders? I’m wondering if that might get the New Order trigger to run for them. 

If not, looking at the information on the Square website it seems like you should be able to get email notifications sent to you whenever a new transaction occurs. Would those emails contain the product information you’re after?

If they do, then as a workaround, you could potentially use an email parsing app like Email Parser by Zapier as the trigger for your Zap to get the product details for each transaction. You can find out more about this here: Trigger Zaps from new parsed emails

Do you think that approach might work?


Unfortunately the email-per-transaction doesn't contain much information more than the $ amount.
There is no line item info.

And POS transactions only show as 'transactions'’, not as '’orders’ in quickbooks.


still stuck without any solution :cry:

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Sorry to hear those email notifications don’t contain the information you’re after, @Danny Martinez! :(

The only other thing I can think of would be to try connecting to Square via a Webhooks by Zapier action step to see the transactions. Looking at their API it seems like the Get payment endpoint would be the one you’d want to work with but that doesn’t appear to give the line item information. It does give an associated Order ID value though, so you could potentially then use another webhook step that connects to Square’s Search orders endpoint to search by the associated Order ID.

My thinking here is that all payments appear to be given an Order ID so if the New Order trigger is excluding orders added through the Square POS specifically then using a webhook step to search for the specific Order ID may allow you to find it and access the line item information. Hope that helps! :)

OK I’ve setup a webhook that uses the payment.updated endpoint to get basic data about each sale that comes through.

That data includes the Order ID.

I then setup a filter step so that it only continues with transactions from the 1 location I want.

However I’m having trouble setting up another step to use that Order ID to extract Line Items.
Should this be a GET request?



I had it setup like this.

It said it was a success, but how do I access the data?