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Create a daily "Chore Wheel" Slack message that rotates through a list of names?

  • 22 December 2020
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I’m trying to create a Slackbot of sorts that posts a daily message at 9am every weekday that assigns the next person in a list to a recurring task.

Right now, I got as far as setting up Formatter and then “Pick from list”. However, the only options are returning the first item, last item, or random item in the list. Instead, I want it to pick the next item in the list from the previous one that was chosen. Basically, for every new daily Slack message that gets posted, it just chooses the next name in the list, instead of being random.

Any way to accomplish this?


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4 replies

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Check out Storage by Zapier:

You can use Storage to save a value that can be later retrieved and used in a Zap.

Here’s a video as well:

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@craiglloyd You can use two look up tables and storage to store the next person’s lookup value. If you were to set this up for 3 people it would look like this

  1. Daily Trigger
  2. Get storage value which returns a value of 1 thru 3
  3. First lookup table gets the person based on the number
    1. 1= Jane
    2. 2= Joe
    3. 3= Steve
  4. Perform your slack operation or anything else you need
  5. Second lookup table increments the number or sets it back to 1 if 3
    1. 1=2
    2. 2=3
    3. 3=1
  6. Set the storage value to the new number
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Hey @craiglloyd did this solve your issue?

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@andywingrave Yes, it did!