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Can I transfer an Unsubscribe from Constant Contact to Salesforce?

  • 21 June 2023
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Hello - Is there a way to transfer an Unsubscribe from ConstantContact to Salesforce? We want to ensure that our system of record, Salesforce has this data. 


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Hi @ElPorvenir 

Good question.

There is no Constant Contact Zap app trigger for Contact Unsubscribed.


There doesn’t appear to be a Constant Contact webhook event for unsubscribes either.

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Hi @ElPorvenir ,

We have a feature request to add a New Unsubscriber trigger to Constant Contact. I’ve added your email address to the FR as a vote for it, and that way you’ll also know as soon as there’s an update on it.


Access your Constant Contact account and navigate to the appropriate section to export the unsubscribed contacts. Typically, you'll find this option in the contact management or reporting area.

Once you have the exported file, you may need to format or clean the data to ensure compatibility with Salesforce. This step depends on the specific format of the exported data and the requirements of Salesforce.

Salesforce provides various methods to import data, such as using the Salesforce Data Import Wizard or Data Loader. These tools allow you to map the fields from your Constant Contact export to the corresponding fields in Salesforce. During the mapping process, ensure that you properly associate the unsubscribe status with the appropriate field in Salesforce, such as a custom field or the standard Email Opt Out field.

After importing the data into Salesforce, review the results to ensure the unsubscribe information has been accurately transferred. You can cross-check a few records to verify that the unsubscribe status in Salesforce matches the original data from Constant Contact.

Hi there, I’d also be super interested in getting that unsubscribe trigger, any idea when that might be available? 

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Hi @Joe Collins,

I have added you as another interested member to the open feature request for Constant Contact to support the “New Unsubscribe” trigger. While we don’t have a timeframe on when this feature will get implemented. We will let you know via email once it is.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please add my vote for the “New Unsubscribe” trigger. Also it will be very helpful to have a trigger for bounces

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Hi @StevenD,

I have added you to the open feature request for the “New Unsubscribe” trigger and the “New Bounced Email” trigger. We will keep you in the loop via email once the feature has been implemented.

I appreciate your patience and understanding.