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  • 13 April 2023
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Hi there,

I would like to filter a zap based on the category of the appointment in Acuity.

I have several category types set up in Acuity to organise my many appointments.

In Zapier, creating a new zap, I have it set up like this so far:

Then under Filter setup & testing:


There are a few things I’m struggling with:

  1. There are many options that seem to have preset data. For instance, 1. First Name Janett:

    If I select it, and then use the condition (Text) Contains, with Janett in the 3rd field, the filter tests positive. But if I put any other name from my client list in the 3rd field, the filter tests negative. I would expect that I should be able to add any first name from my client list and have it test positive - is that wrong? Why are the options in the drop down menu so limited? How does that list work?

  2. If I select Category with the condition of Does not exist, it tests positive. If I use the condition Does exist, it returns a negative result. Does this mean that category data is not being passed from Acuity?


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5 replies

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Hey there,  @claire2000! Thanks for reaching out in community. 🤗

To make sure I understand correctly, can you describe how you envision this zap working? Sometimes it helps to describe it like "When a New Appointment is Scheduled in Acuity, do that in [blank] app."

Currently it sounds like when a New Appointment is Scheduled in Acuity you would like to sort them based on category but I’m unsure on what the next step would be after that. 

The reason I ask is the Filter step is usually used if you only want certain appointments meeting specific criteria to proceed to the next step in the zap. Anything not meeting those conditions would not pass the filter and no further action would be taken. Here’s a blog post and some other resources on some different use cases for Filter by Zapier

All that said, knowing the full workflow may help us guide you in the right direction. 🙂

Looking forward to digging into this with you!

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Hi Christina,

Thanks for your reply 😀 Ultimately, I would like the zap to work like this:

When a new appointment is scheduled in Acuity, grant access to certain resources in Kajabi, IF the appointment category contains “word”.

However it would be great to understand how the filter criteria works (ie the first drop down field under Only continue if...).

Perhaps you can shed light on this - if I choose 1. First Name Janett from the drop down list in the filter, does the value after the bold text (ie Janett) represent test data only? 

When I run the filter test, it can find janett:


But if I try to run a test for a different name that exists in my Acuity client list, it returns a negative result:



By the way, I have been through the links you included, thanks, but they don’t seem to help me with the first drop down value. 

Thanks for your help,


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Hi @claire2000 

Jumping in to see if I can help!

You’re seeing “Your Zap would not have continued” on the last screenshot because, based on the sample trigger used, Rosie isn’t showing as the first name. So once the filter step that there is a word “Rosie” in the first name of the trigger, the Zap won’t continue.

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Hi Brem,


Yes, that part makes sense, partially. Perhaps you can answer this - is the sample data only a small subset of all the data in Acuity, so it’s possible that it would show a negative result under the test conditions (as opposed to the real data)..?



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Hi @claire2000 

Hopping in to see if I can help.

Yes. The sample data sometimes only shows the required data from Acuity and sometimes shows negative results, depending on the condition set for the next step.

Hopefully this helps.