Zap not working from Outlook Calendar when attempting to send a message to a Slack channel each time an event is within 10 minutes

  • 30 June 2022
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So I have been attempting to make a task generator from 10 different calendars in outlook and feed them into Slack. The issue I have run into is that 7 calendar outputs are working just fine. For some reason, 3 of them will pass the test when I first set it up, but then they cannot detect any data after that and no output is being provided by those 3 calendars to the webhook I set up. I’m just using the webhook to get all the data into one spot so that I would only have to adjust the slack side once if I needed to change it. When I look into the Zap runs for those 3 calendars, there is no history of any runs. How do I ensure that outputs from all of the calendars are being received?

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4 replies

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Hey there, @ClubWealth! Thanks so much for reaching out!

Hmm, are those calendars shared calendars by chance? If so it looks like those aren’t currently supported at the moment, however there is a workaround shared by another user in this topic:


There appears to be a work around that should work for most people here. Just go to > Users > Active Users > select the Shared Mailbox > Reset password. Now in another browser or a new ingognito window go to and login to your shared mailbox with the password you just set.

In another tab, log in to Zapier and go to the Outlook integration and add another connection. It should automatically authorise against the Shared Mailbox account that you’re signed into. Boom! 


Let us know if that’s the case and I’m happy to add you to the feature request associated with this! 

Thank you for letting me know! The calendars are not shared calendars since they are attached to a specific email, not a group. Other people have access to view and edit the calendar though from their email. I do not have admin and I am somewhat worried about what effect messing with that shared calendar will have and I will also need to do this for three separate calendars, so I don’t know if it works in multiples. Is there any theory on what could potentially make Zapier unable to pull data from one calendar when it can pull from others? After looking through the calendars, it looks like they are set up the same way with the same viewers and editors. 

Also, can you describe why this shared mailbox method might work? It doesn’t seem like it SHOULD buy us anything. I’m definitely willing to try, but is there any work towards fixing the problem that is occurring with outlook?

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Hey there, @ClubWealth! Thanks for clarifying and helping rule out the shared calendar idea!

I double checked and can see you’re chatting with my friends in support - which is great. They did have some follow-up questions that may help us: mentioned you put in a request for one of them, could you let me know more about what kind of calendars these are? Is there anything different between the ones that are connected vs the three that aren't?
Are the events in this calendar repeated events?

Please continue to keep us in the loop with any progress ya’ll are able to make with this. We’d love to know if and how you’re able to get this working for ya! 🙂