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Webhook Tests Successful but no results show in Google Analytics

  • 27 August 2020
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I have some sales that went through on our website during a period of server maintenance which meant that the sales were not being tracked by Google Analytics. I have retrieved the data from our CRM and removed all personal details, formatted it in a Google Sheet and created a Zap to send the data in my Google Sheet to our Analytics account. When I test each of the three steps they all work, when I turn the Zap on my task history shows that the zap retrieved the data then sent it on as completed goals to the analytics account but when I search for the transaction IDs in Google Analytics there are no results. It’s my first time using Zapier so I’m aware that my error could be a rookie error of mis-entering one field or the entire Zap needs rebuilding. Not bothered which solution works but I could do with getting the problem solved quickly and support are so far un-responsive. 


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6 replies

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Hi @Ian de Rijk 

It’s quite odd that the task history shows a successful run, but Analytics shows nothing. 

I'm going to flag this post for the Zapier Community Team. They should have more insight on this and can escalate to the support team if needed.

Sit tight, and someone will contact you soon.

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Thanks any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi @Ian de Rijk!

To help us figure out what might be going on, can you share a screenshot of the Google Analytics step in the Zap Editor (please hide or remove anything sensitive). We’d want to make sure that what you mapped into the fields is an appropriate data type (and the correct value). For example, maybe you’re trying to add something in there that Google Analytics doesn’t recognize. Or adding a value that doesn’t correspond to anything in GA.


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Hi @nicksimard  thank you for your response. Below is a screenshot of where I think an issue might be with the event action - (exists but not shown) is rarely a good thing i find!


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HI @Ian de Rijk!

Thanks for providing that. That particular field from your Webhook step is a file, meaning that it would have to be added into something like this:

What you’ll want to add to those Google Analytics fields is the same thing you’d add directly in the GA interface. Example:

Can you see if you’re able to get things working by manually entering something that would work if you added it in Google Analytics (instead of mapping fields from previous steps, I mean)?

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Sharing update:

Webhooks by Zapier is an advanced feature, so our support for is a bit more limited compared to what we can offer for other integrations and features. (Not because we don't want to help, but because APIs can be so different and each request can be so unique! This makes it hard for us to know the exact authentication protocol of each API.)

Based on your goal of getting information into Google Analytics, I'm not sure if that webhooks Step 2 is even needed. Since it looks like you're already accomplishing your goal of creating a measurement in GA in Step 3, it may be that Step 2 is unnecessary.