Unable to append text in Google Document

  • 17 October 2022
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I have a 2 step form in my application. I created 2 webhooks first one is called when user fill step 1 form. My web hook creates a folder and inside the created folder it creates a google document and add the data user filled on step 1.

When user fill the data in step 2 I am initiating webhook 2 which find the folder and under that folder, I want to append the data of step 2 in the document which was created in step 1. But every time I am getting “File not found error”. However I am able to create separate file in same folder for step 2 data.


2 replies

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Hi @brilliantpromoter 


you are probably trying to find the file by the file name, while Zapier is expecting the Google Docs file ID. You can check the below video where I explain that 



In order to do that, I would suggest you create a Google Sheets, and then in Zap 1 update the Google Sheets with the client name (for example, or any other data you need) and include the Google Doc file ID so in step 2 you can search by the Name and get the ID before attempting to Append the document. 


Hope this helps :) 

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Hey there @brilliantpromoter - just checking in to see if @MohSwellam s tutorial helped you with the append text issue you were having? Let us know!