Trying to pull data from "code by zapier" to JSON

  • 24 March 2020
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Hey Guys, 

NOT developer (mistake that can’t be undone), 

I’m trying to bundle a lot of responses and edit them to 1 value to be sent out as JSON.

I’ve created a code by zapier step that pulls this out:

I want to pull out the entire contents of “JSON” to be used as a JSON payload, something like this:

"dayOfWeek": "1",
"closed": false,
"MondayFrom1": "07:30",


"WednesdayFrom1": "07:00",


But there is no “JSON” value, it just breaks it down to a million little fields (“json dayOfWeek”)

How can I solve that?


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2 replies

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Hi @itainet this is the best category for your question as it’s not just for folks who are developing an app, but also for any more technical/code related questions!


Does anyone have any ideas about how to package the output of a code step into one JSON field, rather than pulling out all items in it as separate fields? @BowTieBots  or @ikbelkirasan I know that you’re both great with code, any ideas?

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Hi @itainet,

Can you post a picture of the code step that’s creating that output?  I have some ideas of how to solve this but don’t want to speak too soon.