Trouble mapping "TAX identification number" from HubSpot to Stripe via Webhooks


I’m currently facing a problem with retreiving a data from HubSpot which is ‘TAX identification number’ ex. PL1000000000 which is basically a NIP number [legal for polish market] of a company we signed contract with. 

Zapier do not provide mapping such data into Stripe by default. It is possible by WebHooks, but following instructions, and with GTP help it constantly says there is an error when it comes to ‘type’. 

When creating a customer in Stripe, you select TAX ID [ID type] (in this case PL VAT) which belongs to "eu_vat” group. 


Seems that there is no problem with any other thing like ‘secret key’ i took from Stripe or any other data im using but the ‘type’ .


I have also tried to put a TAX number into Metadata then retreive it with WebHooks but it does not work either. 


Did any of you face such problem or maybe someone knows the answer? 

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