SurveyMonkey to Mongo - Dump the full Survey

  • 21 September 2021
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Hi there,


I’d like to dump the full SurveyMonkey responses that I’m getting (a filled survey) into a MongoDB as-is (almost as-is).

The issue is that my survey has 30+ questions and I don’t want to structure them item by item but rather take the entire payload that Zapier got from SM and forward it to my Mongo-Instance “as-is”.

Any thoughts?



5 replies

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Hi @Gilad 

Look into using SurveyMonkey Webhooks:

Try using the Webhooks app as the Zap trigger:

Thanks Troy.

To generate a SurveyMonkey private app (i.e., use the API), I need to be on a SurveyMoney plan that costs ~$200/mo … 

I found a “zapier like” platform that has a read-made connector, and is more low-level, so I actually touch the raw data. I’ll give it a shot.


Thanks anyway!


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Hi @Gilad , Why not create your own JSON on Zapier iteself? Maybe in Code By Zapier step or directly in MongoDB action?

Just like below simple JSON - 


Hi Jay,


That’s exactly what I do now for the most 10 important questions… but I do want to send all 40, and it makes no sense to re-build a structure that was already there from the get-go :)

Not to mention the level of coupling/dependency I’ll have between the Survey Questions and the Zapier Code...




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Hi @Gilad , I total agree with your point. It’s just that Zapier does not send entirse payload of any app. However can i suggest you another way? If you are interested, i will DM you.