SQS - Zapier - Monday: Error message from zapier: " invalid value, please check our API documentation..."

Hi, i am getting some errors from Zapier.

Error Message:

32 invalid value, please check our API documentation for the correct data structure for this column.

So i am trying to Zap some information from a SQS form and into Monday. I understood that i had to use JSON in the field in order for zapier to get the right format. 

When i test it before i run the Zap, everything works fine and a new item is created successfully in Monday. But when i try everything from my website i get an email from Zapier telling me that an error has occurred. The error is the “Error Message” above.
When i remove the email field, everything works fine again. So this is where the issue has to be. 

The email field and the code:


{"email" : "{{120460624__1e7ea3ff17b10fdf01d3affc9490d5a22784af20}}", "text": "{{120460624__1e7ea3ff17b10fdf01d3affc9490d5a22784af20}}"}

Website where the form is;

Thank you!

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Hi @carlthan 

Try just passing the dynamic email parameter w/o the JSON format.

If you are also passing other data points, the error may stem from the formatting from another data point.

Hi @Troy Tessalone

Without the JSON format it won´t let me proceed from the testing. The following error ouccurs then;

But with the JSON the “Test” in Zapier works fine, but the real and online version then sends me an email with the seemingly same error. 

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What Monday action are you trying to perform?

Perhaps include screenshots of the entire Zap step configuration.

Try just this: {"email" : "[EMAIL]"}

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Have you tried escaping the quotes as shown in the docs?

"{\"email\":\"\",\"text\":\"my email\"}"
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Hey @carlthan, hope you’re well, I just wanted to check in here!

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