Slack Blocks with Zapeir reply as thread

  • 10 July 2024
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I am currently working on sending custom-formatted messages to Slack using Slack blocks via Zapier webhooks. I chose this approach because the native Zapier Slack app only sends the blocks as plain text, which doesn't meet my requirements.

Here are the specific steps I've taken:

  1. Slack blocks are formated by code by zapier
  2. Zapier Webhooks: I set up a webhook in Zapier to send a Slack message with blocks. The blocks include nicely formatted text and images.
  3. Threading Issue: I need these messages to appear as replies in a thread. To achieve this, I included the thread_ts with ts value parameter in the initial data field and also tried adding it as a header. Message is still sent into channel not as a reply


5 replies

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Hi @boredp 

For us to have more context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode.

this is last webhook configuration, as I said, tried threads_ts in data field and headers, couldnt not reply as thread, always sends to whole chat

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What is the link to the Slack API endpoint documentation you referenced to configure the Zap step?

I created a slack app and used that apps webhook url ( if that the question, or i missunderstod something. Generaly, i followed these steps
thank you for the reply, any more information that i could provide ?


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Per the article:



Remove the Header



Try adding double quotes around “thread_ts” in the Data.

You may have to reference official Slack API documentation for configuring the Data JSON structure.