Run large number of actions for paginated API?

  • 12 October 2021
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When a large number of triggers or actions occur within a short time span, ... code rate limit after 10,000 requests in a 1-minute window as provided by zaiper , how we can handle this in zaiper , if zaiper unable to process 10000 actions and than next pulling happened before this

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5 replies

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Hey @Anup641 ,


Can you please explain what are you trying to build? Which are the apps in your Zap?

If I will add 10k user in my get api instantly, So I want to send email to all user in 1mins . This zap senerio need 10k action fired to gmail in 1 min. Is zaiper able to 10k actions within 1 min using pulling method, If it will take more than 1 min to process action , than how it will handle next diff data coming after mins , will be lost prev action which not completed in 1 min 

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Hey @Anup641 , 10k records in a single action is not possible. Can you add pagination in your api? 

10k actions possible in 1 mins for paginated api ?

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@Anup641 With pagination and a few Sub  Zaps you can process 10K records. You will have to use below apps for sure -


Note - Please note your Zaps will consume a lot of Tasks,so make sure you have enough tasks balance.