Rest-API GET Request in Zapier / Json Output

  • 26 January 2022
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Hi i was not able to make a test Get- Request from the Provider with following demo account informations


curl -H "X-CLIENT-ID:
9971557793fdf19f4bf96de5d48be46547bdc5ec" -H "X-CLIENT-SECRET:
f5dd4d8943a51447ef63b061ccd0aab43e98e1f0" -X GET


What iam doing wrong? in Zapier iam creating a new Zap i choose “Retrieve Poll”.

How it should look like? I entered all information in the URL Section.

Thanks a lot

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5 replies

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Hi @yasinyaso 

You need to pass the URL into the URL field, and the credentials in the Header fields like this:

For that you need to use Webhook by Zapier>Get Event as an action. 


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Hey Rob! Thanks for your quick reply. That looks good, but when iam entered the same information i still got an error. Just attached the screenshots..



@robschmidt you have any idea?

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Hi @yasinyaso 

If an id field is not provided in the results then Zapier will not know how to dedupe the objects that are returned. You will need to specify a field to be used as the id field using the Deduplication Key input.

I have not seen the api docs but you may also need to use the key field if the results are not an array. Based off of the results in @robschmidt’s call you may need to put ‘leads’ in the key field and ‘lead_id’ in the deduplication key field