Replace triggers with webhooks, without needing to rebuild the entire zap!

  • 21 January 2021
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Please help!

I have a dozen or more zaps that start with an Airtable trigger.

I’d like to replace these Airtable triggers with Webhook triggers. 

All my zaps are long and complex. So, rebuilding them one by one, step by step, would be a nightmare and require days of configuration and testing.

Reassigning field data would be a much easier job.

Since there is no (+) action before triggers, and since webhooks added as the second step or later do not offer the Catch hook functionality, what can one do to avoid said nightmare scenario?

Thanks for your help!


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3 replies

Any advice or workarounds appreciated!

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Hi @Dean____**** 

Check out this topic as a way to maybe splice in a webhook trigger into your Zaps.


Thanks, Troy :)

So the idea is to use this custom integration to create a separate zap wherever the webhook trigger is needed then link it back to the original. That’s an option.. Although it would bump me up into the next billing tier 🧐🧐🧐