Pushing Empty Data using webhook

  • 25 March 2024
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We’re currently using heyflow app (Form) for our site.   What heyflow does is, the questions branches out depends on the user’s answer.  

So I created a zap where I push Heyflow app to our CRM by using Webhook.

Please see attached: 

In my zap.. you can see the fields were colored“Yellow”.  which means those fields are empty. 

Sadly,  if the fields are empty, it won’t pushed to our CRM..but it pushes if all the fields are there. 

So is there a setup I missed?  or would it be possible to push data..even if the fields are empty? 


Hopefully somebody help me out with this. 




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Hi @MBN 

That behavior may depend on the API.

When mapped variables do not exist from a previous step, those value would simply be empty.

But some APIs don’t want blank properties sent.

So you may have to add logic to determine if the address fields are populated from Step 1 and include/exclude that section of the API data.

Paths is one options.

Separate Zaps with Filters is another option.

Code is a third option.


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Thanks! Mark!