Parsing Order Information in Printavo for Individual Tasks in 'TypeError' in .split() Function.

  • 14 November 2023
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I have been trying to set up an automated process using Zapier that takes specific order information from Printavo, identifies particular order types through a pattern in the naming convention (like "SP-" followed by a number), and then creates individual tasks or items for each distinct order in


Initially, the setup was not capturing individual order identifiers like 'SP-1' from Printavo to create separate tasks in Instead, it was grouping them into a single string, which wasn't the intended outcome. Also, within the Zapier code step, I've faced a 'TypeError' related to the .split() function, indicating trouble parsing the order information. Any ideas on how to resolve these errors and ensure the setup can handle a range of order formats?


Zap Overview:


Example of the input data:


The error message: 


How code step #5 is set up


Looping Step Details: Step Details:

Example of how the end result looks in


2 replies

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Hi @DarkRoom 

Have you tried asking ChatGPT for help writing/fixing/optimizing/commenting the javascript code?

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Yes, I’ve actually gotten this far by using ChatGPT. We’ve gone over every step and verified that it works but yet we still hit a hitch somewhere so that’s why I’m turning to the community in hopes someone can provide insight.