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No Query String was Present

  • 26 February 2021
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Hi @Troy Tessalone and Zap Community. 

I saw you were helping another community member with their Zap, and I am in a similar position. But never saw the solution as the initial request got dropped.

Goal: I am trying to use Zapier to Automate the Creation of a Monday Workspace when a Webhook catches a change. 
Step 1 works. 
Step 2 does not, as I get two different errors. 

Monday Workspace Documentation:

Two errors I experience: 

E1: "No Query String was Present" when I do not set up a header of "content-type"
E2: "The APP returned bad request" the same setup and ADD in the "content-type".

Here is a link to images, I truly hope you are able to assist me. 

Thank you in advance. Corey


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Hi @coreymasson 

Try using the POST method instead of the Custom method with 1 parameter of query (on the left side) then the JSON based on examples from the API (on the right side) which shouldn’t need any characters escaped with a leading “\”.

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Hi @Troy Tessalone, genius. 

I truly appreciate your assistance. I have read a few posts from you, and you’re truly professional and thoughtful.

Thank you.