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My webhook only works with a single set of test data


I have created a webhook and it successfully runs the test data but won’t being over any other entries but the test one. Any ideas as to what I need to fix to grab all the data? Is it because the Prospect that i required is a particular ID instead of the field ID? I can’t make it blank it always appears as the test data ID.



Best answer by christina.d 27 June 2022, 23:20

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Hey there, @SSC! Thanks for reaching out.
It looks like you were able to open a ticket with support regarding this, which is amazing. I hope you don’t mind my sharing some of what ya’ll were able to discover together in case it helps anyone else.

Ultimately in this case though, the zap was being held from running due to too many entries.

Some notes about webhooks:
When testing webhook triggers in a Zap draft, we only collect data that was sent to the webhook URL while the "Test trigger" sub-step is open.
When testing your zap, try opening the test step and then submit a new sample that would trigger the Zap.


I hope this helps! 

Thanks for the response!  Yes I was able to get it to re-run successfully but I did use almost 300 tasks to bring over 23 prospects. I would love to cut down on the tasks needed, but not sure how to simplify.  Do I need a search task to add to a Pardot list or could I just have them added directly to the list?

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Hey @SSC! Mind sharing the current steps of your Zap, including the apps and the specific trigger/actions you’re using? From there, we can take a look to see if anything can be cut back a bit!