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  • 5 January 2022
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I need to create a zap that when I type in the work oncall in a channel it will display a linked list to 

oncall files located in my google drive. 

In the example below each oncall is linked to a google sheet so when I click the google sheet opens.



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6 replies

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Hi @Shak 

Please clarify your question and how it relates to the Zap you are trying to configure, thanks.

I have a zap that has a mention command. When that mention command is type in the channel it should display a list of Google sheet files by the link.

In the example below the mention “copsoncall” is type in and the zap displays the list of links to the google files. I need to know how to setup the links in the zap. I am able to  do it for one but not for the list.

Hope that helps


This gets me the AS400Oncall but how to I get the others so it shows bolded and with a space between each one.

<|AS400 Oncall>

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Hi @Shak 

Check this help article for formatting Slack messages:

Great. I will check it out. Thanks


I am getting closer link provided was helpful. When I use the below code it gives the no spaces between the items

AS400 OncallNetworking Oncall.

How do I get a space so it looks like <AS400 Oncall><Networking Oncall>?


<|*AS400 Oncall*><|*Networking Oncall*>