Malformed data error when importing order data using JSON webhook

  • 22 February 2021
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Hello guys,
I'm trying to import some order data via API from a JSON url but I'm not able to organize the content.

Here is my source:

I am able to pull the data but I am having a problem with malformed data, I tried to apply the return key but he is faced with requests and returns the error.

I tried to add "return", "orders" but he doesn't seem to recognize it as two keys.


If I leave it blank it even pulls all the data but is not able to separate the content.

I am using the Trigger Webhooks - Retrieve Poll function.

Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

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3 replies

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Hi @Rafael Oliveira I’m not great with webhooks myself, but there are a couple of things that you could look at here. 


First of all, what type of hook are you using? You may need to use the Custom Request or Cath Raw Hook (depending on whether the step you need help with is an action or trigger) option as opposed to the other trigger/choices. 

Secondly, have you tried using a code step after the webhook step in order to parse the data correctly. 


I hope that helps!

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Hi @Rafael Oliveira!

Were you able to find a way of doing this? We’d love to know if you found a solution 🙂

Hello @Danvers, how are you?

Thank you for your time in responding.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a solution and I had to replace Zapier with another tool.