Keap Sunsetting Legacy API Keys

I am using Zaps with Keap Max Classic.


Keap warns me that they are sunsetting legacy API keys and that my application is using them. I have Zapier and 2 other integrations in Keap and I do not know which one is using legacy API keys.
Does anyone know if it could be Zapier, and if I could update my Zaps so they do not use the legacy keys?



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I have the same question. Keap tells me to talk with a dev. So stupid. I set up all of our automations. We have very basic login integrations where I'm not copy/pasting a legacy key. 

I got some info from Keap Developer support:

“In the list of the user agents, you will see Zapier identifying themselves. However, Zapier currently uses oAuth 2.0 and does not use Legacy API Keys any longer, so I would focus your efforts investigating with the other integrations you are using.”


It looks like Zapier is not using the old API keys, so we are looking at the other 3rd party integrations we are using as the possible culprits.

I was told by an app dev that in general the apps who integrate with Keap will reach out to you. I've found that to be true because I just reached out to two separate apps in chat and asked them if they're on oAuth2 yet or still on legacy. Each confirmed they still have some migrating to do and that they will be sending out major communication regarding any updates admins need to make. This has helped settle some of the anxiety I've had over this the past couple of days!