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  • 5 February 2024
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Hi everyone!

I’m extracting Quickbooks financial report data with a custom action, but the data is coming out as a JSON and I can’t figure out how to get that into Google Sheets in appropriate columns and rows.  I’ve looked through previous posts and haven’t been able to figure out how to make this work.  Can someone please suggest a solution for this?

Thank you so much!

5 replies

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Hi @AlexisN 

For us to have full context, can you post screenshots of the DATA OUT from the QBO custom action step?

There should be a field for the raw JSON, along with fields for the parsed JSON data.

@Troy Tessalone , thank you for your quick response!

You are right, I looked below and there does seem to be parsed JSON.  Screenshots attached.  Is there a way to import all the columns and rows that are in the parsed JSON to the Google Sheet at once?


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Each desired data point from QBO needs to be mapped to the desired GSheets column.

@Troy Tessalone  Got it, thank you so much!


How might I do that?  I’m trying the ‘Create Multiple Spreadsheet Rows’ zap for Google Sheets, and can’t find a way to isolate a certain cell to populate or populate a whole row.  This is what it’s looking like:



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The returned data is nested JSON which is more complex to parse.

That usually has to be handled with a custom Code step:

ChatGPT can be used to help configure the Code, or consider hiring a Certified Zapier Expert: