Javascript result with object is in next code zap string

  • 8 June 2024
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i have written some code to parse and prepare input data and use it later and my result/return code is:

mapped[sku] = [name,variant,quantity];
let resultMap = {

return resultMap;

the test seems to be fine: (the map is containing a key and an array with 3 values)

i also debugged it:

return {"debug":{} ).split(' ')[1].slice(0, -1).toLowerCase()};

which returned: object

and also the value of the map:

return {"debug":{}[lastSku] ).split(' ')[1].slice(0, -1).toLowerCase()}; 

which returned: array


when i use it in an nother code zap (javascript) and make the input:

and i use it like:

let curitemMap = input.itemMap;

for(let itemSku in curitemMap){

it was iterating over each letter. then i debugged and the curitemMap is a string.

So is it possible to keep my object as it was? alternative would be to pass it as json and parse it afterwards… but i think it should be possible so?


Just for info: i also asked the AI for help and it also created the code as i did.


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Hi @wwolf 

Help articles for using Code:

Inputs are converted to strings.

You can also define data fields to be provided to the code as strings with the Input Data fields.


Options for handling line items:


How to get the RAW JSON: