Is it possible to avoid a link in a LinkedIn post w/ image?

  • 16 June 2022
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I’m looking to publish directly to LinkedIn and would like to include an image.


At the moment, including an image makes the URL field become mandatory instead of remaining optional.


The result of this is a post that looks like an article when it’s not.

Below is the Zap and preview of a test post.


The link from Airtable is technically just the URL for the image that should be included in the post.



1 reply

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Hi @Edan!

Could I double check which Linkedin action you’re using? Is it the Create Share update or Create Company update action?

I’m not super familiar with Linkedin, but it looks like you need to add the url to the image in the ‘Preview - Image’ field as opposed to the ‘Preview - URL’ field. The preview URL is the URL that someone will be taken to if they click on preview, so that should go to whatever you’re sharing.