IMAP Mail Attachment to Lexoffice

  • 6 April 2021
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I’m trying a simple upload from a mail attachment to lexoffice.

IMAP E-Mail is setup and working.

In Lexoffice I have to select a Filename with extension and the file itself.
IMAP E-Mail just gives me “1. Attachments: (Exists but not shown)”, without a filename or extension.
I tried to use *.pdf for filename with extension and the predefined attachements for file, but this doesn’t work.

Where is my issue?
The mail only have one attachement (invoice in pdf style).

4 replies

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It seems the IMAP Trigger indeed does not output the file name and only the attachment itself. I could think of a complicated workaround using script (code step) to retrieve the file and return the file name but this could be unnecessarily complicated…

Is the name of the invoice by any chance included in the email or don’t you have control over it?

Does the name need to match exactly or could you go for the alternative, as you suggested, to give the file name a random name? you could try “test.pdf” as a first go and then, if that works, for example the sender email address or email title.


I have no control over the invoices.
All incoming invoices are sent to my mail and I just want to upload them to lexoffice.

The filename is irrelevant for me, Lexoffice just imports them and give a specified name.

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Hi @Qhiliqq , then try test.pdf as file name. Does that work?

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Hey @Qhiliqq,

Just checking in here to see if you saw MarijnVerdult’s reply. Were you able to get this working or do you still need some help here? 


Please let us know!