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How to use Quickbooks Online API call option into Zapier

  • 13 March 2023
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Hi there,


Anyone has used API Call option provided by Quickbooks Online App on Zapier? If yes can you please help me with the exact steps and possible values into the URL field and other fields?




Best answer by Troy Tessalone 13 March 2023, 17:07

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Hi @WilCompute 

Good question.

Which QBO API endpoint are you trying to use?

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Hi @Troy Tessalone ,


Thanks for your quick reply.


I want to use Delete Invoice Endpoint.



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@Troy Tessalone 

I am confused about the fields inside Red boxes in the above image. Please help if you clarify me about these fields with regards of QBO.


Thanks in advance.

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If you need help, consider hiring a Certified Zapier Expert:


Get base URLs for the QBO Accounting API
  • For sandbox and testing environments:
  • For production apps:

QBO API endpoint for Delete Invoice:



Base URL + path/parameters


Body Data (there are more shown when scrolling down on the QBO API page)




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Thank you @Troy Tessalone ,


I will try these suggestions.