How to update subscribers in Klaviyo with custom properties when they opt-in?

Hello all. I just started using Zapier. I’m having problems getting my first zap to work. I’m trying to update a customer’s marketing email opt-in status at Klaviyo. I have a webhook set up in Step 1 and and action in Step 2 to only execute if the Topic is customer.update. Step 3 is where I’m having problems. I have a Update Subscriber in Klaviyo configured with the action set to Update Subscriber but I’m not sure what data to use in the Subscriber field. I’m also not sure how to pass the Customer Marketing Opt In value as it’s not a field like Email. Do I use the Custom Properties?

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Hi @Jeff-K 

Good questions.

Try adding these Zap steps to find, then update the Subscriber in Klaviyo using the Subscriber ID.


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I’m also not sure how to pass the Customer Marketing Opt In value as it’s not a field like Email. Do I use the Custom Properties?

Can you post screenshots with the data point you are trying to use from the Zap trigger step, and how you are trying to set that value and where in Klaviyo, if you were to do this manually.

I added the steps you suggested but I don’t know how to use the Subscriber ID in the Subscriber field of the Update Subscriber step.




Is this what you’re suggesting?


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Yes, use the ‘Custom’ option to map the ID from the Find Subscriber step.

Selecting the ID circled in blue above prompts me to add a new step called Find a Subscriber (Legacy) in Klaviyo. I deleted the first Find a Subscriber in Klaviyo step.

When I Test & Review I get an error: No parameters to update.

Can’t I just add an And to the zap filter so it only runs for users that opt in (bool True) which would add the user to the list? Then create another zap with the filter set to bool False that would remove the user from the list?


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Depends on your desired logic.

There are these options:

  1. Find Subscriber
  2. Find/Create Subscrier
  3. Update Subscriber


Yes, Filter steps allow for AND/OR logic conditions to be configured.


NOTE: Klaviyo Update Subscriber does not give the option to specify a List, nor add/remove from a list, so you may have to configure and trigger a Klaviyo Flow in order to do that.


It’s unclear what you mean by the legacy version (perhaps provide screenshots about the prompt you encountered), but you likely shouldn’t be using that.


Hmmm… I deleted the (Step 3) Find Subscriber and (Step 4) Update Subscriber steps and tried recreating them but this time it did not prompt me to create the Find a Subscriber (Legacy) in Klaviyo.

But I’m still getting the No parameters error.

After the (Step 3) Find Subscriber in Klaviyo step runs what do I do in the Update Subscriber in Klaviyo step? I don’t see an option to remove the user from the list so I must somehow update the “Embedded Customer Marketing Opt In” value to false but I don’t see how to do that either. Would I remove the Update Subsciber and add a Klaviyo Flow instead? I don’t see an action for Klaviyo Flow.

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Please share screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured, along with the error message for us to have more context, thanks.

Here’s my entire zap. What I’m trying to do seems simple enough but I’m just not seeing how.

To reiterate, I need to add or remove a user from a specific Klaviyo list based on the boolean value of “Embedded Customer Marketing Opt In” that comes over from the hook.

Thanks for the help Troy!


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NOTE: For the Find Step, you may want to check and configure this option.



You may want to consider using Klaviyo Segments instead of Lists:



  1. Trigger: Webhook
  2. Action: Filter
    1. (TBD if needed)
  3. Action: Klaviyo - Find/Create Subscriber
    1. Add to 1 List
  4. Action: Klaviyo - Update Subscriber
    1. Map Subscriber ID from Step 3
    2. Set Custom Property
      1. This will move the Subscriber between Segments

Thanks Troy. Will this only work with Klaviyo Segments or can still accomplish what I need to with a Klaviyo List?

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I’d recommend reading about Segments vs Lists, and best practices provided by Klaviyo:


You’d likely have to leverage the Klaviyo API to remove profiles from a List:

App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Webhooks app as an action step: