How to set a value in an array field

  • 26 January 2022
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It’s probably a basic question , however I can’t find the solution for this.
I’m using a webhook and want to update an array field with one single value.
I’ve tried different variations, with or without brackets, quotes, etc, and still end up with this “Invalid array” error.


A little help is welcome!

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2 replies

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Hi @mcb 

Can you please clarify your use case for us with more context?

Perhaps outline a specific example for the input data and desired output data.

Also, can you link to the API endpoint documentation you are referencing?

Hi Troy,

Here’s the APi doc:

I’m just trying to set the preferred language to Chinese for a given customer in Stripe.
When this step is working, it will be added to a more complex existing zap where the customers are created in Stripe.

If I use a “Stripe / Find customer” step and hardcode the id to get a customer for which the language has been set manually through Stripe interface, here’s what we get:


So, basically, I want to be able to update this field with this value through the APi.
I think it’s just a matter of syntax about the way the value is specified in the zap.

Any idea?
Thanks for your answer,