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How to send email reminder for the user who have double booking.

  • 1 September 2022
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Hi. I have a booking form on my website. a webhook to send the user email data to a google sheet. when a booking is made. I want to send email reminder if the user book another time slot with the same email address. 

I created above condition.
Action 2 if there is a duplicated email. Action 4 email will be send to the user. and action 6 will be filter not going to add a row  

Action 2 if there is no duplicated email address, Action 3 condition will filter the email action. Howver the Action 6 will be blocked too. I want to add a row for that user when the user made a booking. But my way does not seem to work.

I did it with 2 zaps.

1st zap

lookup the sheet → no record → stop email 

lookup the sheet → has record → send email

2nd zap

delay 1 min → add record


adding delay so I can ensure the 1st zap run first. However if the user make the booking within the 1 min. If I can made the delay only for 10s, would be ideal But I cant. So The way of using 2 zaps does not seem to work as well… 

Any better idea how it may work? 



Best answer by Daniela_Paulo 1 September 2022, 19:58

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Hi @blueli,


Thank you for posting in our Community 😊

If I understood correctly, you’d like that when a booking is made, the Zap searches for an existing contact and:

  • ​​​​if it exists → send email
  • if it doesn’t exist in the spreadsheet → create a new row

If I got this right, you could set this up with one Zap and Paths or two Zaps using filters!


 For the filter option, you could try this setup:


 Zap 1

 Webhooks by Zapier: Catch Hook

 Google Sheets: Lookup Spreadsheet Row

 Filter by Zapier: Continue if Zap search status is true

Gmail: Send email


Zap 2

Webhooks by Zapier: Catch Hook

 Google Sheets: Lookup Spreadsheet Row

 Filter by Zapier: Continue if Zap search status is false 

Google Sheets: Create Spreadsheet Row


If you prefer to use Paths, try this instead:

Webhooks by Zapier: Catch Hook

 Google Sheets: ​​​​​​​Lookup Spreadsheet Row

 Path 1: Continue if Zap search status is true 

     Gmail: Send email

 Path 2: Continue if Zap search status is true 

     Google Sheets: Create Spreadsheet Row


 You might also want to check these articles:


I hope this helps in pointing you in the right direction! Let us know if this works 🙂

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Hi, thank you for the quick reply @Daniela_Paulo 

I have not testing it yet, but would like to ask a quick question.

If doing zap1 & zap2 way. How can we ensure the zap 1 run before zap 2. The hook from catch hook action both zap are the same. once the hook is trigger, both zaps run together. there is a chance that zap 2 add a record and zap1 detected it and wrongly send the duplicated reminder email. 

Is there a way to make the zap2 run, after the zap1 have run? 

Like the Action:1 catch hook from zap2 is not the hook from my website but from the zap1